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Ms. Kate Reviews Juvenile Non-Fiction!

Today’s selection: “Poop Detectives: Working Dogs in the Field” by Ginger Wadsworth (Call number: JUV 636.7 Wadsworth)

If you love a good story about “unadoptable” shelter dogs and finding the perfect home for them, you’ll love this book. Yes, it is about poop (bear poop, tiger poop, fisher poop, porcupine poop). But it’s mostly about the awesome dogs that help find poop from different animals so that scientists can study the animals without having to trap and/or tranquilize them. Did you know that dogs can be trained to find whale poop in the ocean? What?!? True (the dogs stay on the boat; no swimming involved). They can also smell out sea turtle eggs so that they can be protected, find invasive snakes in the Florida Everglades, or owl pellets to keep track of owl populations. There are tons of photos, so while the book is written for grades 3 and up, your child may just enjoy listening to you read parts to them and looking at the pictures. I loved “Poop Detectives.”