library staff/ April 22, 2019/ Youth Services

Today’s selection: The “Down in the Ocean” series by Melissa Gish (multiple call numbers. Ask a librarian for help!)

Each one of these books is filled with beautiful underwater photos of plants and creatures and super interesting (and sometimes terrifying) facts. The subjects include tide pools, coral reefs, deep-sea creatures, and invertebrates and I learned something from each book. I really enjoyed the “ask a scientist” feature. Aimed at ages 8 to 12, these books are perfect for “did you know” kids (who like learning things and immediately sharing them with whoever is nearby): “Did you know that there is a creature that destroys a fish’s tongue and then takes its place so that it gets food whenever the fish eats?” “Did you know that a male jawfish carries its eggs around in its mouth and doesn’t eat until they hatch?” Be prepared to spark an interest in marine biology when you pick up this series!

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