library staff/ May 8, 2019/ Youth Services

I know that it goes against everything you’ve been taught: when you use something, you’re supposed to put it back where you found it when you’re done. HOWEVER, at the library we have a different rule. It might be hard at first, but at the library, the rule is “DON’T put it back where you found it.”

This sounds crazy, I know, but I’ll explain how this works.

It doesn’t mean that you should put things wherever you want! That would be chaos. Instead of putting books, magazines, and DVDs back where you found them, what we want you to do is this: “Put it on a cart.”

A cart? In the library?

Not that kind of cart. This kind:

We’ve got them all over the library! They come in different colors and sizes, but they all look similar to this. These are library carts. We use them to hold library items until we can reshelve them (that means putting them back where they are supposed to go)!

“But I know exactly where I got it from! Why shouldn’t I just put it right back,” you may ask. Because we have trained professionals who reshelve the books! They know exactly where everything belongs and it’s their job to put things back where they came from. Even if you know exactly where you got it from, putting it on the cart sets a good example for others. And let’s face it, we all make mistakes sometimes. Even putting a book just few books away from where it is supposed to go can make a book harder to find.

“What if I can’t find a cart?” If you cannot find a cart near you, leaving your items in a neat pile on a table works just fine.

“But I took a lot of books off of the shelves and I feel bad making you put all of those books back! Can’t I just put a few back where they came from?” Please, do not feel bad! We want to make sure that all the items go back exactly where they are supposed to go and the easiest way for us to do that is for library staff to do the reshelving. Do not feel guilty! Do not worry about giving us more work to do (it is actually more work looking around to find items that are shelved incorrectly)!

So please, DON’T put it back where you found it. Leave the shelving to us!

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