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Ms. Kate Reviews Juvenile Non-Fiction

“Gecko,” written by Raymond Huber and illustrated by Brian Lovelock is a beautiful picture book that not only gives you the story of a day in the life of a gecko, but it’s also full of interesting facts about them! Geckos are incredibly cute big-eyed reptiles. When I was in middle school, I carried around a plastic gecko that I had named “Ferguson,” (amazingly enough, this did not make me less cool than I already was) and experienced the joy of having a gecko with none of the responsibilities. Though I never got a pet gecko, they remain one of my favorite reptiles.

“Gecko” is full of excitement (a hawk and a rat both try to eat the gecko) and gross-ish stuff that many kids love (the gecko sheds his skin and then eats it), without being gory. The watercolor, ink, and colored pencil illustrations are bright and beautiful.

I enjoyed that you can just read the story if you want to, or you can just learn gecko facts, or do both! Two thumbs up from Ferguson and me!