library staff/ July 15, 2019/ Youth Services

Have you ever finished a book, put it down, and immediately thought to yourself, what now?  Or have you waited a whole year for the next book in a series to come out, and before you start reading it, you wish you could have a reminder of what happened in the last one?  Well, have I got some suggestions for you!

Recaptains is a website that has summaries of book series. You can search for particular books or look through their alphabetical list by author.  Do they have every series? No. But they do have a lot. And if they have what you’re looking for, it’s incredibly useful. They don’t just include summaries and major plot points. They include everything you’re going to want to remember before you jump into the next book in the series.  You can also request a recap on the site.

NoveList is a database that you can access through the library website. Scroll down to the blue Research tab. If you’re only searching for kids books, you can select NoveList K-8. If you want all books at your disposal, choose NoveList Plus. There are several different ways to use this awesome database.  On the left hand side, you can choose age ranges and genres to get recommendation lists. If you choose “browse by” on the top orange banner and choose “appeal” you can search by pace, storyline, writing style, and more. And my favorite way to use NoveList for recommendations is to put one of my favorite books in the search bar. Click on the book listing, and on the right hand side you’ll find a list of readalikes. You can click on each book to read about it, and each book will have its own list of readalikes.  NoveList is a great resource for finding more books to read. Check out both of these resources the next time you’re looking to start a new book!

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