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Ms. Kate Reviews Young Adult Fiction

If you’re looking for a modern Young Adult mystery that reminds you of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie’s work, I highly recommend the “Truly Devious” series by Maureen Johnson. Stevie Bell has been accepted to a prestigious high school in the mountains of Vermont, but the high school has a dark past: the famous and wealthy tycoon who created the school had his wife and daughter kidnapped and nobody ever found them. The only clue was a ransom note signed by “Truly Devious.” Stevie is a huge fan of detective stories and true crime and has been studying the case for years. She thinks she may be able to solve it once she gets to school.

The book skips between the 1930s and present day, back to when the kidnapping happened and then returning to Stevie’s investigation. Besides trying to solve the cold case, Stevie is also making friends and adjusting to the eclectic campus and classes at Ellingham Academy. I don’t want to spoil anything, but more crimes and mysteries happen and Stevie has to solve them.

I flew through “Truly Devious” and the second book, “The Vanishing Stair,” but BE WARNED! The third book in the series won’t be out until January of 2020, so some of the mysteries will remain unsolved until then!