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Exploring Non-Fiction Stories Author Series

The non-fiction genre is a broad literary landscape that covers a whole spectrum of stories from memoir to history to travel writing. To learn more about the process that goes into writing non-fiction, we have invited various Maine writers to discuss their craft.


Pilgrimage to Paris: the Cheapo Snob’s Guide to the City and the Americans Who Lived There
Tuesday, October 8 @ 6pm

Jayne Boisvert is the author of the new guide book Pilgrimage to Paris: The Cheapo Snob’s Guide to the City and the Americans Who Lived There. It offers an enjoyable and unique way to discover Paris.

Roughhouse Friday: A Memoir
Thursday, October 17 @ 6pm

Jaed Coffin is the author of Roughhouse Friday, a memoir about the year he won the middleweight title of a barroom boxing fight in Juneau, Alaska.

Mining the Past in Words and Images
Thursday, October 22 @ 6pm

An illustrated talk about writing, painting, and history with Eleanor Phillips Brackbill and Michael Torlen. Eleanor and Michael will discuss their creative processes and how they each wrestle with the truth. They will explore how memory, oral history, family stories, and historical facts and the interpretation of those facts influence and shape their writing and painting projects.

Implosion: Memoir of An Architect’s Daughter
Tuesday, October 29 @ 6pm

Elizabeth Garber is the author of Implosion: Memoir of an Architects Daughter that delves into the life of her father, Woodie Garber, and the collision of forces in the turbulent 1970s that caused his family to collapse.

Voting Down the Rose: Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage
Tuesday, November 5 @ 6pm

November 5 is the 100 year anniversary of Maine’s ratification of the 19th Amendment. Celebrate it with Anne B. Gass as she discusses her book, Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage.

The Four C’s, Life of John Cumberland
Tuesday, November 12 @ 6pm

Paul St. Cyr will discuss his latest memoir, The Four C’s, all about John Cumberland, who was a major league baseball player and a local Westbrook High School graduate.

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