Youth Services

Escape Room Adventure

3D-printed robot we used for our Escape Room.

Every August for the past three years, Youth Services has taken part of the library and changed it into a kids’ escape room for one week.

What exactly is an “escape room?” In an escape room, you are given a scene and told what you have to do. Sometimes the goal is literally to escape the room! Other times it is to find something special such as a treasure or a missing will. You have exactly one hour to solve a series of puzzles and follow the clues in order to win.  Basically, escape rooms are a chance to live out your dreams of being a master detective!

There are several commercial escape rooms in the greater Portland area, but few are aimed at kids and they all cost money. Our completely free escape room allows kids of all ages to.

In 2017, the theme was “Don’t let the Pigeon ruin the library!” You had to find a way to lock up the Pigeon so that he couldn’t throw a wild cookie and hotdog party after the library closed.  Last year, participants were students at a wizarding school. The absent professor was going to expel you if you didn’t complete some magical tasks.

This year, we had a spaceship crash into the library and participants (expert scientists) had to stop the ship from exploding. We had our highest attendance ever this year. (101 of you took part in our space escape room! Wow!)

We are looking forward to creating another one in 2020.