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The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited

This is the second book from the creators of The Adventure Zone roleplaying game podcast, the McElroys. The first one was set in a middle earth type environment and this one is now on a train (still with wizards and elves, but now there are trains involved). The first book was a hilarious send-up of D&D type games and this one makes jokes about mysteries and whodunits. Taako, Merle, and Magnus are back and on a mission to retrieve a lost (and powerful) artifact that is believed to be on the Rockport Limited train. Mishaps befall them, jokes are made, and a lot of laughter is had by all. Not as good as the first novel, but still a lot of fun.

The artwork by Carey Pietsch is detailed and humorous and really works with the RPG elements of the game, like having the Game Master pop up in little bubbles when he has to tell the players something. Aimed at teens and adults, there is some profanity and gore involved, but nothing over the top. A definite purchase for any YA or Adult graphic novel section where RPG games are big.