Walker's Bookshelf

Online Room Reservations

Are you in need of a space to study, research, read, or write? Online room reservations are now an option the library offers to the public. Here is how to reserve a room:

  1. Go to and click CALENDAR.
  2. On the right-hand side, underneath Study Rooms, click the Reserve Study Room button.
  3. Click Library Study Rooms.
  4. Select the date and time.
    • Green = available room
    • Red = not available
  5. Provide your first name, last name, and an e-mail address.
  6. You will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you do not confirm your room reservation, it will automatically be canceled.

Some important notes to remember:

  • Study rooms can only be booked FOUR hours at a time.
  • Study rooms can be booked 30 days in advance with a limit of TWO reservations per month.

If you have a special study room request or do not have an e-mail address, please call the reference desk at 207-854-0630 ext. 4258.