The Walker Memorial Library is currently seeking a Regent to represent Ward 1 and 4. If you are interested in serving on the library’s Board of Regents and you live in Ward 1 and 4, please contact Library Director Rebecca Albert at for more information.

Regents and Terms:

Ward 1: VACANT
Ward 2: Alice Persons (Dec 2019)
Ward 3: Arthur Leighton (Dec 2023)
Ward 4: VACANT
Ward 5: Judith Reidman, Chair (Dec 2020)
At-Large: Jane Cote (Dec 2021)
At-Large: Dawn Levesque (Dec 2021)


Fran Fritzsche-Jensen
Marian Peterson

Sec. 19-2. Board’s duties generally. The board of regents as established in the preceding section shall discharge all duties incumbent upon the city respecting the Walker Memorial Library, so called, which has been established in the city under the provisions of the last will and testament of Joseph Walker, deceased.

The board shall meet at the library building, or some other suitable place in the city at such stated time as the majority of the board shall fix, shall keep a full record of their proceedings and provide suitable persons to act as librarians and care for the library building and grounds.

The board shall, with the cooperation and advice of the trustees appointed by the Judge of Probate for the County of Cumberland under the twenty-eighth item of said will, make and adopt suitable rules and regulations respecting the care, use and control of the grounds, building and books belonging to the library; and in the discharge of their official duties may incur such expenses from the appropriations made for the library by the council as are reasonable and proper.

The compensation of library personnel shall be established by the city council, after considering the recommendations of the board of regents, in a manner consistent with the provisions set forth in a city personnel policy. (1942 Rev. Code, Ch. XXIII, § 1; Ord. of 2-20-73)


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