Meeting Room Policy

*Meeting Room use is temporarily suspended.*

Walker Memorial Library 
Room Use Policy 

Walker Memorial Library has two reading rooms which may be reserved for special events or programs as well as four study rooms designed for small meetings or group study. This policy identifies the guidelines that must be met by individuals or groups in order to use one of these reading/study rooms. 

What we have to offer: 

  • Eleanor Conant Saunders Reading Room 
  • Westbrook Room 
  • Study Room A (seats 5) 
  • Study Room B (seats 5) 
  • Study Room C (seats 8) 
  • Study Room D (seats 8) 

Guidelines for room use: 

  • Both the Eleanor Conant Saunders Reading Room and the Westbrook Room have been designated as quiet reading rooms and are open for adults to use during the library’s regularly scheduled hours. Both spaces are specifically meant for quiet reading/study. Food and beverages are prohibited. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and those engaging in it will be politely asked to leave.  
  • Special group use of either the Eleanor Conant Saunders Reading Room or the Westbrook Room requires advance reservations.  Reservations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Bookings may be made through email, by phone, or in person. The Library Director will determine which room is most appropriate for the requested use. 
  • There is a $45 suggested donation to use either the Eleanor Conant Saunders Reading Room or the Westbrook Room. For-profit organizations may use either of the rooms for meetings, but not to promote or sell a product or service to the public. 
  • There is no fee for non-profit, charitable, educational and governmental organizations to use the Eleanor Conant Saunders Reading Room or the Westbrook Room.  
  • Study Rooms A, B, C & D are free and open to the public and are available on a first-come first-served basis. Library patrons will need to sign in at the Adult Services Desk prior to using one of the study rooms and patrons will need to adhere to a three hour time limit when using the study room. 
  • Fees will be refunded only if a reservation is cancelled within two business days of the event or if the library closes due to severe weather. 
  • Organizations using the library’s facilities are asked to report any damages to library staff before leaving the premises. Monetary compensation for damages will be sought. 
  • Wireless access is available throughout the library and guidelines for use are within the library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy. 
  • Rooms are available for use during regular library hours, unless reserved for a library event. 
  • All rooms must be left in the same condition as they were found at the beginning of their use. 
  • All library rules and policies must be observed. 

Exceptions regarding fees charged for attendance/participation: 

  • Exceptions may be made when a fee is collected for charitable use or for library programming where donations are permitted, or for educational or instructional courses that will benefit the community where minimal fees may be charged to cover the cost of course materials. 

Exceptions require prior approval by the Library Director or designee. 

The Library Board reserves the right to make such changes in this policy as it may deem advisable from time to time and to cancel or withdraw permission for the use of library facilities when in its discretion such action is advisable. 

 Approved by the Library Board of Regents and Walker Trustees on November 15, 2018