Universe of Stories

Summer Quest 2019

Kids are invited to join our quest this summer by reading for 10 hours and completing 10 activities! For every 15 minutes that you read, you color in part of a star! For every activity that you do on our activity log, you cross off a planet (and the sun at the end)! Heroes will get prizes along the way, like certificates for Subway and Chipotle, free books, and the chance to win a bike! The program starts June 24th and ends at the start of school in the fall. Kids who attend school at one of the 3 elementary schools will receive their brochures and reading logs at school. Anyone else can pick them up at the library starting on June 10th.

Read for Beads

Kids who want a physical reminder of how much they’ve done on our summer quest can “Read for Beads!” For every hour read or activity done, kids can choose a bead to wear on their necklace. At big milestones, like 1, 5, or 10 hours read or activities done, you get to pick out a special star bead! Bring in your reading and activity log to the library to collect your beads as you continue on your quest!

Download the Summer Quest brochure and reading & activity log here!